Technique and Training



Master Class: M.E.W. Tribal Fusion

(2’5 or 3 hours) - Open/Intermediate Level

Workshop to introduce “Morgan East&West formation” Tribal Fusion bellydance style. General and new variations and combinations of the main steps of tribal, creating the fusion. Undulations and Travelling steps.



Master Class: M.E.W. Dark Fusion 

(2’5 or 3 hours) – Intermediate/Advanced Level

Workshop to introduce “Morgan East&West formation” Dark Fusion bellydance style. Slow Motion,  Half Height Technique and original steps created by Morgana utilizing the contrasts in steps with speed and strength, combining slow but powerful movements and adapting them in a very unique manner.



Master Class: Dynamic Dimensions

(2’5 or 3 hours) – Advanced Level

A Lyric Rock Fusion workshop designed to add dimension, interest and excitement to your dance using techniques from ballet, classical dance, contemporary and jazz.

Low Flow: Floorwork – Spin Cycle: Spins& Turns – Fly High: Jumps –  Traveling Steps


Master Class: Lady Mechanika

(2’5 or 3 hours) – Advanced Level

Corporal Dominance workshop with Mechaniks drills and combos.

- Layering technique, exercises and drills: work the coordination and isolation and the capacity of moving different parts of the body in different times and with different moves

- Locks and Pops technique, exercises and drills.


Mechanical Drills

(2 horas) – Nivel Medio

Technique, exercises and combinations of mechanical movements that we will use to create characters like dolls, robots and animatronics, using layering, locks, and "play and rewind" style.

Spin Cycle: Turn Technique

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

Impulse, speed, and rotation technique. In this Workshop we will work with a variety of spins and turns studying how do the ‘forces’ and movements that help us to turn work: arms, head, feet, balance, velocity…



Low Flow: Floor Work

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

In this workshop you’ll learn elegant ways to get down to floor level (and how to get back up!), as well as the many striking moves you can do once you’re down there, including turns, spins, rolls, travelling…

Each move is connected to the next in a fluid way to dance from a standing position down to the floor using fusion undulations and contemporary movements.

It will be necessary to bring a yoga mat. Not recommended to people who have medical knee, ankles or back problems.


Electro Hips

(2 horas) – Nivel Medio

Oriental, tribal, hip hop and fusion style hip technique, drills and combos following dark rhythms, dubstep and electronic music. Final choreography joining everything learned.

The Lotus & the Dragon

(2 hours) – Open Level

In this workshop we fusion and combine dance and martial arts as two different ways of working the body but with common points in their technique. Searching the harmony between both disciplines, giving to our style the elegance of dance and strength and precision of martial arts.

Expecto Patronum. Animal Mimics

(2 hours) – Medium Level

Corporal dominance imitating the animal kingdom. In this workshop we work arms and torso undulations, travelling steps and several movements. Interpretation of snakes, cats, wolves, horses, birds, apes… This work opens a wide range of possibilities watching the movement and gestures of many of the animals and adapting them to our human form and dance style.


(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

An undulation workshops in which we will work several techniques developed by Morgana:

Snake Arms

Liquid Dance, the continuous movement

Semi-reverse steps

Blind & Sense, how to feel your own movements and be conscious of what are we doing

Styles and choreographies



Arms and Vintage Tribal Fusion

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

Delicate tribal fusion style that gives express importance to the elegance of arm movements, the aesthetics of body lines, smooth transitions between steps, and complicity with the music. Exercises, technique and choreographic sequences in a musical environment that transports us to a past era of feminine beauty.


Temple Dancer

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

The temple dancer has always been a connection between the gods and the earth. In this workshop we will see hand gestures (mudras), movements of traditional Chinese and Thai dances and pagan dances. The intention is to feel in harmony with the mysterious and elegant moves of dance, in a mystic temple choreography.



Fusion Lab

(2 hours) – Advance/ Medium Level

"Laboratory of Steps". Workshop that opens the mind to new possibilities. We will see how to use most of the tribal steps and movements that we know with different arms, creating in this way a new Tribal Fusion style. Layering techniques, sequences and drills to practice the new combinations.



Waw Wild Walk, Traveling Steps!

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

Choreographic and travelling workshop in which we will see several dance sequences in different ways of walk and move around the room or the stage, working also in pairs or in groups, having fun!



Tim Burton’s inspired combos

(2 hours) – Medium Level

Short choreographies of different styles based on some Tim Burton films.



Mad Combos

(2 hours) – Advanced/intermediate Level

Using different dance techniques, such as modern dance, krumping, hip hop, pops, locks, layering, undulations, dark fusion… all mixed in several short, powerful combinations that can be used in your choreographies.



Urban Fusion Dance

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

In this workshop we will create a street, casual, and very strong style just for tribal fusion dancers who want to give a street style and urban look to their fusion, with hip-hop and funk rhythm. Lock moves, krumping, finger tutting and breakdance undulations in energetic short choreographies. This workshop changes every year with different combinations.


MEW Western Tribal Fusion

(2 hours) – Open Level

Tribal fusion style inspired In the Far West. One way to give a new impact to your dance with sexy combinations. Different travelling steps, waves, steps and spins. Do not forget to bring your cowboy hat!



Steampunk Tribal Swing

(2 hours) – Open Level

In this workshop we will use and combine “Jazz,”, “Lindy Hop” and “Charleston” elements, and using as musical base swing, jazz and steampunk style songs, we will create a new fusion style ready to dance with the Big bands of Chicago clubs or mechanical music! How to adapt these new steps to swing drums and melodies. Western and Eastern sequences in a jazz-burlesque-tribal steampunk fusion.

This workshop changes every year with different combinations.

dance with elements


Neo-Burlesque: The Cat on the Chair

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

A burlesque cabaret vaudeville sexy jazzy feline choreography with chairs. Meaw!!


The Femme Warrior

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

From the ancient Chinese monks to the Amazon warriors… in many parts of the world long wooden sticks were used to defend. In this workshop we will learn some movements and warrior techniques with this element: spins, eight figures, hits, …

Just have to bring a wooden broomstick.


Daggers Technique

(2 hours) – Intermediate Level

Attack moves and turns with daggers to use in dance. Sequences. Adaptation of this element to tribal fusion choreographies.

It is necessary to bring two daggers or knives.



Silk Dance

(2 hours) – Open Level

Technique of the beautiful and elegant Chinese silk fan. How to use it even when it is close and in different positions. A

final choreography inspired in the far east. It is necessary to bring A silk long fan. Morgana can sell them if needed.

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