Morgana is an internationally-recognized Tribal Fusion and Dark Fusion dancer, choreographer, and instructor.

Her work is very prolific and varied. It is highlighted by her choreographic compositions inspired by stories and characters from films and videogames, her collection of animal-inspired steps, which have resulted from her research on animal mimicry, and especially, her fusion of tribal dance with weapons and martial arts, in which Morgana is a worldwide pioneer. A dark aesthetic predominates in her work, addressed from multiple angles: from Chinese and Japanese culture to Science Fiction and the Victorian Era.

At the educational level, she has developed the MEW (Morgan East & West) format, a five-level dance program that combines the general basics of oriental dance, Tribal ATS and Tribal Fusion with her own repertoire of steps, and is complemented by professional specialization courses. This format is taught through regular classes in Madrid at Morgan East & West Dance and Performing Arts Center and in various European locations such Italy and the United Kingdom (MEW International Format), as well as through thematic workshops around the world.

Morgana is also the founder of Excalibur Dance Company, a dance and stage-fighting company with almost 25 years of experience in Europe, and the organizer of the Spanish edition of the international alternative dance festival Gothla Spain.